How do I get started in Shibari?

Somehow, you were exposed to rope: you saw a picture on social media, you overheard a conversation, someone you are interested in told you that they like rope, or you saw a scene at a party.  It piqued your interest, but you have no earthly idea on how to get started.

The first thing you should do is seek out local instruction.  Find someone in your local community that has been tying and teaching a while that you can learn from.  In the Houston area, Giotto is available for private instruction.  There is no substitute for in person tuition.

Also, each community typically has a number of rope-centered groups.  These organizations are home to rope-lovers of all different tying styles and experience levels, and are a wealth of information and support. Between these groups and local instructors, notable presenters are brought into various communities frequently to teach based on their styles and experiences.

Practice.  What you learn in class is just the beginning.  You need to solidify the muscle memory for the ties and patterns you learn in class by practicing them over and over again.

Attend parties!  At these events, you get to watch people tie and be tied.  You can see what people have learned, outside of a learning environment.

Do your research!  Ask questions, read articles, books, watch videos like Giotto’s videos here and here, but remember that there is no substitute for in personal instruction.

From all of us here at House de Giotto

Happy Tying!